"The Jolly Book of Boxcraft" has been enlarged and rewritten from work started in May, 1909. This work was purchased by St. Nicholas, Little Folks, Good Housekeeping, The Congregationalist and Christian World, The Designer, Holland's Magazine, The Housekeeper, The Ladies' Home Journal, The New York Herald, and The New York Tribune. Thanks are due to them for the courtesy of using material which was included in their articles.

The author feels that it is only right to acknowledge her indebtedness to the children themselves who have lent their toys and helped in many little ways of their own toward the making of this book. Special thanks are due to Elizabeth Hendricks, Raymon Guthrie, Henry Jarrett, Stanley Hoyt, and Wesley Meehan, playfellows.


In view of the large number of illustrations in this volume and of the necessity for grouping them, it is necessary for an occasional illustration to appear at the end of its chapter, or at the end of the preceding chapter. It is desirable therefore that the list of illustrations be consulted frequently.