Material Required to Make a Boxville Freight Station: one shoe-box cover, one shallow cover of a box about eight or nine inches long and seven or eight inches wide, and the lower half of a deep box about six inches long and four or five inches wide.

Material Required to Make a Dark Tunnel for B. V. R. R.: the lower half of an ordinary shoe-box.

After you have built your Boxville Railway Station, I am sure you will like to build a Freight Station for your railway system. You will have so much freight to go from Boxville! There is no end to the little boxes! It will take you about five minutes, or less, to build the freight station. It is so simple that you can almost see how from looking at the picture. The shoe-box cover is the platform. The lower half of the deep box you have is turned upside-down and placed upon the left end of the shoe-box cover. A double door is outlined with pencil at one end of this box. (See Diagram Two, B, page 167, for double door.) Mark a square three inches wide on the end of the box where the door should come. Draw down the center of this from top line to lower line. This gives the two divisions of the door. Cut the top line of the door space. Cut down the center line of it and across the lower line. Bend the two doors of the doorway outward. Color them, if you like.

To make the square flat roof, take the box cover and place it down over the freight building at the top. That is an easy way to make a roof, isn't it? And now that the freight office is made, I am sure you will agree that it is a very fine one indeed. Isn't it fun to build your own?

Do you want to have me tell you how to make a tunnel too? It will be fine to have one for your railway system. To make one you will need a box - almost any that is deep, like a shoe-box, will answer.

How high is the smoke-stack of your train? Two inches? Well, how high is it from the ground? Five? Then, the holes made for the tunnel opening in either end of the box will need to be higher still by an inch or a half-inch. (For cutting a tunnel, see Diagram

Four, B, page 173.) Turn your box over. The lower half is the only part you will need to use, so put aside the cover. In either end of the box cut out a round opening large enough for your toy train to pass through at a sixty-miles-a-minute rate. There is your tunnel!

If you have any crape paper, you can cover the sides and top of your box so that it will look like a big square hill. The ends of the box should be painted with black paint to look like stone masonry.

Let's see how well your train goes through the tunnel - toot-too! Here it goes! Isn't that the nicest toy you ever saw?

Little bits of boxes make a pile of freight For my Boxville Railway. It is simply great! Just a cardboard shoe-box makes a tunnel too - Very black an' spooky when my train goes through!


The B.R.R. Freight Station. It is a small oblong box with a cover of another box for its roof. The platform is a shoe-box cover and the freight is little boxes.


Shoe-box Tunnel may be made of almost any long box. To make it, cut rounded openings in the end rims of the box.