Side Walls. Sloping Roof. Place For Chimney Or Tower

This shows the shape of the cardboard pieces that are used to form side walls for a sloping roof; also the box cover roof placed in position, and the hole for a chimney.

A. Side walls of cardboard, glued to box ends.

AA. Box cover placed on side walls. Square cut out so that a box tower or chimney may be inserted through its opening.


Gable Roof. Triangular Supports To Hold It

Triangular cardboard pieces are cut and pasted to the upper part of a box to hold a roof made from two interlapped box covers.

B. Gable roof made from two box covers.

BB. Triangular cardboard pieces cut to fit the ends of a box and hold a gable roof.


A Single Gable Roof. Box Cut Down To Hold Gable Roof

Gable roof. This is a piece of cardboard cut oblong and folded through its center, lengthwise, to make a slanting roof. A deep box may be cut down to hold this roof and make a gabled building. Cut where heavy black lines indicate.

C. Roof cut from a piece of plain cardboard or corrugated cardboard.

CC. Box cut down to make the low sides and high-pointed gable ends of a small building.


Round-Pointed Roof, Tent Roof, Indian Wigwam, And Cardboard Tents For Camp Roofs.

D.     Round-pointed roof cut from cardboard. Lap edges x to x. This makes a tent also. The Indian wigwam is made this way.

E.  This is a wide box cover folded through its center, rim cut up to the top on each long side. Bent, it makes a tent or tent-shaped roof. This is like the kennel roof.


Ramparts For A Castle Or Fort. A Small Roof To Place Over A Porch

Cut where the heavy black lines indicate.

F.   Ramparts are cut from the rim of a box cover.

G.  A porch roof may be made by taking the cover of any shallow box and pasting it over the doorway of your building. The porch pillars are long pencils run through holes cut in each forward corner of the box cover.