Material Required to Build a Box Automobile: a one-pound candy box with cover, a sample candy box (oblong ten-cent size), one round box three inches in diameter, about ten inches of cardboard from which to cut wheels, four round-headed paper-clips for wheel-hubs, a toothpick and a round card-board key-tag for steering gear, two metal buttons for lamps.

It is not difficult to make a box automobile, for nobody needs knowledge of mechanics to do it. Paste, scissors, boxes - and a pair of hands to do the work, these are all that you will need.

The lower half of the large oblong box forms the body of the car. Take the cover of the box off. This will be used later for the hood, if you care to put one on.

Cut off each long inner side rim of the box except for a corner at each end. Leave the inner rim of both ends on the box untouched. This forms the windguard in front and the back of the rear seat.

Paste the cover tight on your small sample candy box, and paste the box end to one end of the body of the car you are building. This completes the shape of the automobile.

Next, take your round box. Remove its cover. Cut the cover in half. This forms the wheel-guards for rear wheels. Paste each where the rear guards should go.

Cut the lower half of the box in half also. These halves are wheel-guards for front wheels. Paste them to the forward part of the automobile.

Cut four circles from your cardboard. Use your compass to outline them in pencil first. Make each with a diameter of two inches.

When these are cut, run the points of a round-headed paper-fastener through the center of each, and fasten the pointed prongs of the paper-fastener to the cardboard of the wheel-guards. This secures the wheels. If you prefer, you may glue the wheels to the guards. They should be painted with spokes and tires.


Boxcraft Automobile with hood made of a box cover.


Boxcraft Automobile made without hood.

A narrow box rim is glued between the wheel-guards to make the running-board.

Two metal buttons are fastened to the front of the automobile to form the lamps.

A toothpick is pressed into the front of the box to make the rod of the wheel for steering. The wheel itself is a round cardboard key-tag fitted upon the other end of the toothpick.

The front seat of the automobile is the end corner of some small box that is fitted crosswise into the body of the car and glued in place. The rear seat is an end of a small box fitted in the same manner into the body of the car behind.

Boxcraft automobiles are the best there are. They do not cost you a single penny! Repairs are always very easy to make, too.

If you care to add a hood to the automobile, it may be made from the cover of your large box. Cut the front rim of the box cover down, and slant the long sides of the cover down to the uncut end.

Paste an upright piece of cardboard about four inches high behind your rear seat. To its top, glue the higher end of the box cover.

Two small strips of cardboard may be fitted under the hood above the front seat to hold the hood up in front.

I painted the automobile that you see in the picture with India ink. You could scarcely tell that it was made out of a box when it was finished.

Three cardboard boxes - little else Have made a car for me: It is a boxcraft model,

And it's jolly as can be! The little Boxville people

Can go touring in this car; They have splendid picnic parties

Where the groves of clothes-pins are!