Material Required to Make a Boxville Garage or Stable: one deep letter-paper box with its cover.

Here is a toy garage. It belongs to the residence of Mr. Doll of Boxville. Would you like to make a garage like it?

The box you will need to use for making a garage must be deep and square. Place it upon the table standing upon its rims. Then, the bottom of the box will become the top of your building, and you may place the cover over this and glue it to make a flat roof.

Upon the front of your box, draw a large square four inches in size. Let the base of this square come upon the outer rim of the box. The square is to be the large double door of the garage. (To cut the door, see Diagram Two, B, page 167.) Cut the top line. Cut the base line. From top to base line cut another line dividing the doorway into halves to form the doors.

The doors will fold outward when you have finished cutting them. Paint them green, if you wish.

On each side of your box, you may draw a window with blinds. The window should be two inches square, and should be placed in the center of each side. Draw a line vertically from top to base of the window space to make the divisions for the blinds. This line should divide the window space evenly into halves. (To cut window with blinds, see Diagram One, B, page 166.) Cut across the top of each window you have marked out. Cut down its center line, and cut its base line. Press the cardboard outward against the sides of the little building to make blinds. Color the blinds to match the door.

There! The garage is finished. Wind up your toy automobile, and let us see how nicely it runs right through the doorway!

Here is Boxville Garage - just the very toy

For an automobile owned by a small boy!

Takes a half a second just to cut a door

And two little windows. There is nothing more!

Anyone can make it, for the garage here

Is a box of cardboard. Isn't it just dear!