The Boxville Gipsy Cart is made from a correspondence-card box.

Material Required to Make a Toy Gipsy Cart: a deep oblong box such as correspondence cards are packed in, also five square inches of cardboard, four round-headed paper-fasteners, and two small boxes.

Do you think it would be fun to make a gipsy wagon like the one in the picture? It is a very simple thing to make.

First, find a box such as correspondence cards come in from the stationery store. Take its high cover off, and cut from the lower part of the box almost all of the deep inner rim, leaving only about a half-inch of it all around. Put the cover back over this, and glue the two parts of the box together. The box is to be the gipsy wagon now. A door will need to be cut at one end of the box, and windows will need to be made on the sides of the box rim.

Turn the box over so that its base becomes the top of your wagon. Make the outline of a door with pencil on one end of the box. To make it, mark off an upright oblong space an inch wide and two inches and a half high. Have its base come at the very edge of box rim. (To cut door, see Diagram Two, A, page 167.) Cut one side line from the base of the box up to the top line, and cut along the top line of the upright figure you have drawn. Bend the cardboard outward to make a little door. See, it will open or close as you bend it.

Next, make the windows on the sides of the cart. You may make these with or without shutters. If you make them without shutters, you will only need to cut two one-inch squares in each side of your box. Each should be evenly distant from a corner. (To cut plain windows, see Diagram One, A, page 166.)

If, however, you wish to have shutters on the windows of your wagon, cut these squares at top and base. Then cut a line through each center, vertically, from top to base. This gives you the shutters. Press them back against the outside of the cart. (For making blinds, see Diagram One, B, page 166.)

Window-shutters and door may be painted. Dry them while you make wheels for the cart. Color them with water-color paints. Make them green or red.

The wheels are circles cut from stiff cardboard. Find your compass to help draw them round. If you have no compass, use the outline of a small round saucer about two inches and a half in diameter to guide you in drawing the four wheels in outline. Draw a hub and spokes on each, if you like.

When you have drawn them, cut each out, and press through the axle of each one a round-headed paper-fastener. Bend its prongs to either side after you have pressed the wheel into place on the cart. The wheels may be glued, if you have no paper-fasteners to use for making axles.

Your cart will need a seat for the driver. This is made from the lower half of a small, narrow box about two inches in length. Cut off the short end rims, and glue one long rim to your wagon in front, so that it makes the dashboard and floor of the front of the cart under the seat. Paste a small pill-box on this to make the seat itself.

At the rear of your cart, you may make some steps by folding a strip of box rim twice and fastening it under the door with mucilage.

Shafts for the cart are two narrow strips of card-board pasted to the forward part of the wagon.

There! The gipsy cart is finished. Penny dolls or tumble toys will be the gipsies.

Here come the gipsies a-jogging up the road! They're going up to Boxville. The horse has quite a load! Good fortune's coming to you, and it isn't far away: We're going with the penny dolls a-gipsying in play!