Material Required to Make a Shoe-box Apartment House: one shoe-box with the whole of its cover, one small box about two inches long, and small boxes and spools for furnishing the apartment house.

You may make a whole row of apartment houses. They are shoe-boxes that are placed to stand on end. Windows are drawn upon the fronts of the boxes as they stand. Each apartment house must have a porch and front door as well.

Would you like to erect an apartment house? Find a shoe-box, then.

Take its cover off. Stand your box on end with the opening at back. Let the bottom of the box face you. Mark off upon it three window spaces, each with its base five inches from the top of your box. See that end windows are equally distant from the sides of your box. Make each window two inches high and one inch wide.

Arrange second-story windows evenly between top and base of your box, and place below them the first-story window. Leave a place for a door just above the base of your box at the left, as the picture of Shoe-box Apartment will show you. Make the door a little larger than your window spaces - about three inches high and two inches wide. Next to it, draw a window space for the first-floor window.

The windows may be cut out, if you like. (For windows, see Diagram One, A, page 166.) Cut out the squares you have drawn on top, side lines, and base. Back of each window opening, paste a bit of waxed sandwich paper to form glass. Outline on the front of the box around the windows, the window-sashes. Use black ink or water-color paints to do this work. Paste tissue- or lace-paper curtains over the waxed paper inside the apartment house to make the windows trim.

Cut the door of the apartment house out. (For door, see Diagram Two, A, page 167.) Cut the top line, down the side next to the window, and across the base line.

The porch roof is half of a small box glued over the doorway. The porch itself is the half of a box glued below the doorway.

Now, put the finishing touch to the building by adding a flat roof. Take the cover of your shoe-box. Cut off all its rims except at one end, a third of the way around. This end is the roof. Cut it off with rims and fit it down over the building. Paste it in place.

The floors of the apartment are made by pasting the rest of the cover into the inside of the box, horizontally. Cut the remaining part of the cover in half. Fit each section into the box where the floors should be. Glue the edges that are fitted into the box. Let them dry thoroughly. Then, you may furnish the interior with boxcraft furniture such as is used in arranging Hotel Bandbox.

Penny dolls and Noah's Ark ladies will surely take up light housekeeping there, if their husbands approve. In the picture, you will see the janitor, Mr. Jinks. The Noah's Ark ladies have come to look at the rooms.

There is a fine apartment "To Let" in Shoe-box Flat - But those who wish to rent it may not own a dog or cat! When Mrs. Noah came there, the Janitor said, "No! We cannot take your animals! We cannot have you - go!"


Boxville Apartment House. This is made from a large shoe-box. Its roof is the end of the cover.


Here is furniture for the Apartment House and for Bandbox Hotel.