The purpose of this book is to help the boy or young man to acquire a knowledge of soldering, which will be an added accomplishment to whatever craft in which, he may be interested or engaged. There are probably some ideas contained herein which will be of benefit to the experienced man. The writer does not assume that soldering can be learned by reading this book, but with practice and the information imparted, the student will be delighted with his progress.

The ideas are presented in simple language and no scientific terms or complications have been used. The information on the care of tools should be given special attention as good work cannot be done with poor tools. Many men get the bad habit of neglecting tools and the habit is difficult to get away from. It is well to remember that bad habits grow wild but good habits must be cultivated.

The information given on melting temperatures of metals are approximate figures. Authorities differ within a few degrees. The figures are merely used to give the learner an idea of the temperatures at which metals will melt. The description of metals and their alloys is given because many craftsmen have very little knowledge of alloys.

A number of projects which the average craftsman can make himself will add some valuable additions to his shop equipment. All of these projects are in actual use in the writer's workshop. The soldering practice is given in lessons or steps and if the book were used by a school instructor, his work would be simplified. It will not be easy to become expert at soldering unless the student is really interested and willing to practice.

If this book is of help to those who try, the writer's ambition will be realized.

John Bonert.