Contents. - The Present State of the French Novel - Anthony Hamilton - Alain Rene Lesage - A Study of Sensibility - Charles de Bernard - Alexandre Dumas - Theophile Gautier - Jules Sandeau - Octave Feuillet - Gustave Flaubert - Henry Murger - Victor Cherbuliez.

As a judge of romantic literature Mr. Saintsbury stands on a very high eminence indeed, and few will deny that a critic of his taste and penetration is well qualified to act as cicerone to excursionists into those fields of fiction.' - Times.

' We should like to notice many masterly touches of critical knowledge and insight, many delightful remarks which no worthy reader will pass over or forget, but this is really not necessary. Everybody who knows Mr. Saintsbury's former books will read and enjoy this book. There are few studies more fascinating than that of French literature.' - Spectator.

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Miscellaneous Essays


Contents. - English Prose Style - Chamfort and Rivarol - Modern English Prose (1876) - Ernest Renan - Thoughts on Republics - Saint-Evremond - Charles Baudelaire - The Young England Movement; its place in our History - A Paradox on Quinet - The Contrasts of English and French Literature - A Frame of Miniatures : - Parny, Dorat, Desaugiers, Vade, Piron, Panard - The Present State of the English Novel (1892).

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A Guide to Greek Tragedy

For English Readers.

By the Rev. L. CAMPBELL, LL.D.,

Emeritus Professor of Greek in the University of St. Andrews.

London: 34 King Street, Covent Garden.

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