Eleven Sermons, with a Preface.

By the Rev. H. C. BEECHING, M.A., Rector of Yattendon, Berks.

CONTENTS. - The Object of Faith - The Worship of Faith - The Righteousness of Faith - The Food of Faith - National Faith - The Eye of Faith - The Ear of Faith - The Activity of Faith - The Gentleness of Faith - The Discipline of Faith - Faith in Man.

Royal 32mo. 2s.

Or in 2 vols. {the 'Hours' and ' Mirror' separately). 2s. 6d.

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The Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary

According to the Sarum Breviary, together with a brief Commentary from ' The Mirror of our Lady.'

This book is printed in red and black on toned paper, with a fine reproduction of an old engraving.

Crown 8vo. 3s. 6d. With Illustrations by the Author, and Maps.

From Abraham to David

. The Story of their Country and Times.


Author of ' The Bible and Modern Discoveries,' and Member of the Executive Committee of the

Palestine Exploration Fund.

This book is intended as a help to the better understanding of the wonderful story of the Old Testament. The period contained in it comprises some of the most interesting and critical times of Jewish history.

Contents. - The Call and Life of Abram - The Cities of the Plain - The Life of Joseph - The Oppression of the Israelites - The Exodus and the Desert Route - The Land of Promise - The Judges - Samson - Samuel - Saul - David - David the King - David's Flight - David's Return and Death.

London : 34 King Street, Covent Garden.

Crown 8vo. 6s.