Crown 8vo. With Illustrations. 5s.

The Dawn of Art in the Ancient World

An Archaeological Sketch.

By WILLIAM MARTIN CONWAY. Sometime Roscoe Professor of Art in University College, Liverpool,

Victoria University.

Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d. With Frontispiece and Thirty Illustrations in the Text.

Architecture, Mysticism, and Myth

An Essay in Comparative Architecture, being an Inquiry as to the Basis of certain Ideas common to the Sacred Buildings of many Lands.


Royal 16mo. 5s.

Love's Looking-Glass

A Volume of Poems. By the Authors of ' Love in Idleness.'

'A little volume of poems entitled " Love in Idleness," was published a few years ago by three Oxford friends - Mr. J. W. Mackail, Mr. H. C. Beeching, and Mr. J. B. B. Nichols - and being speedily appreciated by all lovers of graceful and scholarly versification, it soon went out of print. The three writers now reappear in the same association in " Love's Looking-Glass," which contains the original poems, together with many additions. . . . The volume should prove as attractive as its predecessor, for the new poems it contains i are not less scholarly, melodious, and i graceful than the old.' - Times.

' This delightful volume of verse. . . .

All the verse is full of an academic spirit, but it is that spirit in its happiest mood, without a touch of pedantry or artifici-ality.' - Spectator.

London: 34 King Street, Covent Garden.

Demy 16mo. 3s. 6d. each. Bound in paper boards, with parchment back.