By THEODORE ANDREA COOK, B.A., sometime Scholar of Wadham College, Oxford.

There is an itinerary for the tourist, and a map, genealogical tables, lists of pictures, manuscripts, etc., and an index, which will, it is hoped, save the necessity of purchasing guide-books for each of the Chateaux.

In two Volumes. Large Post 8vo. 21s. net.

A Paradise of English Poetry

Arranged by the Rev. H. C. BEECHING, M.A., Rector of Yattendon, Berks.

This work is printed on hand-made paper, bound in buckram, and published in a limited edition, which will not, under any circumstances, be reprinted. The publishers reserve the right to issue at a future date, should they think fit, a smaller and cheaper edition.

'That those who walk in the rose-scented avenues of Mr. Beeching's garden will say that the planting has been well done, we cannot doubt for a moment. He has not only a knowledge of English literature which is as sympathetic as it is profound, but he has the critical faculty, without which a knowledge of, and even a love for, literature is wasted. He does more than know what is good in litera ture, - that is comparatively easy. He knows what is bad, and with him base metal is never offered us for gold. There are not many men who can stand this test, but Mr. Beeching comes through it triumphantly. . . . Before we leave this book, we must commend Mr. Beeching's excellent notes. They are interesting, to the point, not too long, and often enable one to get an additional touch of pleasure from the verse they annotate.' - Spectator.

A very skilful selection, and eminently worthy of its name. . . . Will commend itself to all true lovers of English poetry.' - Times.

London: 34 King Street, Covent Garden.

Second Edition. Demy 16mo. 2s. 6d. May also be had bound in Cloth extra, gilt lettered, and with gilt edges, 3s. 6d.