Much interest is manifested by the students as to the outcome of the vacation competitions organized by the Sketching Club of the Roval College of Art. The judges are Messrs. Frank Brangwyn, A.R.A., Walter Crane, R.W.S., C. W. Furse, A.R.A., and D. McGill. Twenty-three special prizes in money include one offered by the Duke of Devonshire for a "set of sketches in colour," and one offered by the Marquis of Londonderry for the best portrait. The Principal of the College and Professor Moira offer jointly two prizes for the best panel for an overmantel for a library, the subject to be "Literature"; Professor Lanteri and,Mr. B. Clemens offer joint prizes for the best modelled design of "Sleep," and Mr. Alfred Drury, A.R.A. will give a third prize in modelling for the best illustration of any subject either in relief or in the round. Mr. T. G. Jackson, R.A., offers a prize for the best design for a pendant electrolier of six lights, and Professor Lethaby offers a prize for the best piece of workmanship (designed and wrought by the same student) in any of the artistic crafts.