North makes a grand slam. How?

Played at six clubs, doubled and vulnerable.

a If East opens with small spade, what will be the outcome?

b If East leads D-A and then small spade, what will be the outcome?

North Makes A Grand SlamSpades, Trumps

Spades, trumps. South has the lead. North-South must take nine tricks.

Played At No Trump

Played at No Trump. West has the lead. East-West to take two tricks.

Diamonds are trumps. North has the lead. East-West take two tricks.

Diamonds Are TrumpsPlayed At Five Clubs

Played at five clubs. By what lead can West set opponents?

Spades Are Trumps

Spades are trumps. North has the lead and North-South must take all six tricks.

Played To No Trump East Has The Lead

Played to No Trump. East has the lead. East-West to take three tricks.

North South To Make A Grand Slam

North-South to make a grand slam in No Trump. West leads S-8.

West Leads S 8

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