Appropriate and artistic schemes for curtaining the home can be made from the infinite variety of fabrics now obtainable for applique. A description of these fabrics, with suggestions as to how they may be made, should be of help to girls who wish to do something worth while, and yet who do not want to exhaust their energies by hours of detail work.

Our illustrations show some very effective work on bold strong lines which will be helpful to those interested in the problem of house-furnishing and decorating.

Fabrics To Be Used For Applique

Linens play an important part in the making of beautiful applique hangings, not only as a background but more especially for the applique itself. These can not only be obtained in plain colours, but are found in iridescent effects. The warp and woof being of contrasting colours, a charming play of varying light and shade is produced, shimmering from green to a soft pink, or from gold to a deep russet, while some bloom linens tone from purple to soft old rose. These changeable linens are very charming for an appliqued flower, while the neutral green or self tone would form a contrast for the leaves.

Modern Applique Entails A Minimum Amount Of Labour For The Artistic Effect Obtained

Modern Applique Entails A Minimum Amount Of Labour For The Artistic Effect Obtained.

Another material which is better adapted for the background than for the applique is craftsman's canvas or arras - cloth. The charm of this material lies in the quality of its texture and in its wonderful range of colours. Being woven of jute and linen, and afterwards dyed, there is sufficient variation in the way the two threads take the colour to lend a remarkable interest to the surface. They can be obtained in all shades of red, yellow, foliage brown, blues of every description, mahogany, and mulberry shades. Of course it is necessary to choose the linens that combine well with the canvas decided upon for the hanging. Craftsman's canvas is 50 inches wide, and costs $1.25 a yard.

Many people prefer the natural colour of unbleached linen for the groundwork of applique, especially for the furnishing of a summer cottage. There is a softness in the neutral ground that makes them available where a dark colour or a white linen would not be in harmony.

A kind of unbleached linen known as homespun can be obtained, 72 inches wide, at $2.00 a yard. This material can not only be used for curtains but is useful for making luncheon sets, and looks very well when the room is furnished with mission furniture.

Another material which is often used for applique is called toile. This material consists of a ground of coarse grey linen with strips evenly broken of olive green or terracotta. It will hold its colour after repeated washings, and costs $1.40 yard; it is 52 inches wide.

Caddice is another material which can be utilized for applique. It is 75 cents a yard, and 52 inches wide. It is soft and pliable, and comes in four colourings, red, rich green, willow green, and the natural linen colour. It is especially useful for curtains in a bedroom, and when enriched with effective applique is very decorative.

Denims and art tickings make effective and inexpensive backgrounds for curtains and portieres, especially for a summer cottage where draperies are needed only for their colour value. Denim can also be used for an applique, but care must be taken when working with it, as it frays very much more than linen, and requires very careful handling. The applique must be overcast as soon as it is cut out, or the embroiderer will find that she needs a very broad line of needlework to cover the edges.

Table Cloth Of Iridescent Blues And Greens

Table-Cloth Of Iridescent Blues And Greens.

Sideboard Cloth Of Coarse Brown Line N

Sideboard Cloth Of Coarse Brown Line N.