A clever idea for decorative effects in windows closely resembles the most beautiful stained glass, and yet its slight cost brings it within the reach of all those who have the skill to make beautiful designs, for it consists only of Japanese tracing upon which decorative sketches have been painted in water-colour.

The tracing-paper is stretched on a drawing-board exactly in the same way as water-colour paper, and then the sketch is made the size of the window-pane for which it is intended. In looking at the illustrations, it will be noticed how good and bold all the designs are, but a reproduction gives no idea of the brilliancy of colour of these exquisite window lights. The Japanese tracing-paper lends itself to this treatment, for it allows the light to come through, and yet, owing to its opaque qualities, it is excellent for screening purposes for the lower part of a hall or bathroom window, or for the lower lights of a dining-room which overlooks a neighbour's house. The fact of the light not being obscured makes them available for back windows, especially for studios where the outlook on roofs and chimneys is anything but pleasing.

A Clever Suggestion For A Decorated Window Treatment

A Clever Suggestion For A Decorated Window Treatment.

Decorative Window Treatment 40MR. W. Cole Brigham Sometimes Marks Jewelry In Marine Mosaics

MR. W. Cole Brigham Sometimes Marks Jewelry In Marine Mosaics.

The introduction of lettering carries out the suggestion of stained glass, and yet they must not be regarded at all in the light of a sham, for they do not pretend to be anything but what they are.

When the sketch is completed and perfectly dry, it can be pasted on to the window by means of mucilage and water. The best way to do this is to mix equal parts of water and mucilage, and to smear the window-pane all over with it. Then place the paper on the window-pane, pressing the middle first with a soft cloth, and working toward the edges so as to get no creases or bubbles. Great care must be taken not to tear the tracing-paper, but a little practice soon makes perfect, and I would certainly advise pasting several sheets of undecorated tracing-paper on the window before running any risk of spoiling the decorated tracing-paper. One of our illustrations shows nine different designs placed in the lower part of a large studio window. The rich orange of the pumpkins, the bright yellow of the marigolds, and the purple of the grapes were a feast of colour that riveted my attention as soon as I entered the room. The illustrations were made by students at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, an art school where one is always sure to find original work, beautiful in design and praiseworthy for its colour value.

One of the charms of a decoration of this kind is that if we find ourselves amidst ugly surroundings, with a depressing outlook, beauty of form and glowing colours can be introduced on the windows by means of these effective paintings, to cheer our spirits and give an individual touch to the room.

For a new church, where the costly leaded glass cannot at first be afforded, this form of decoration would be an admirable substitute, particularly if the artist members of the congregation were willing to make the sketches gratuitously, for they would make a fine substitute while waiting for the more permanent leaded windows. Interesting as these windows are, not only to design and make, ' but to see and enjoy, it should not be forgotten that they have a very certain informal character. They are hardly to be looked upon as permanent and lasting, but rather easan decorations that have merit, and which may be changed from time to time as one esires. In any event, they constitute a new form of household decoration that possesses both novelty and interest.

An Ugly View Can Be Obscured By Applying Sketches In Colour

An Ugly View Can Be Obscured By Applying Sketches In Colour.

Flower Vases Of Marine Mosaics

Flower Vases Of Marine Mosaics.