The coloring of the eyes, lips, jewelry, ribbons, edges of embroidery, lace, neck-tie, flowers, and other ornaments, is applied directly on the photograph after it is mounted on the glass and made translucent with the oil.

Eyes - Use small brush. Blue Eyes - Use Prussian Blue mixed with little Ivory Black. Brown Eyes - Use Vandyke Brown. Grey or Hazel Eyes - Prussian Blue mixed with Vandyke Brown and Silver White.

Lips - Use Rose Madder.

Jewelry - Yellow Ochre for Gold, Silver White for Pearls, Emerald Green for Emeralds, Rose Madder for Rubies.

Ribbons - Whatever color is required. Flowers and other ornaments the same.

The color for Flesh, Hair, Drapery and Background is applied to the concave surface of the clear glass which is placed over the mounted print.

Flesh - Use Vermilion, Silver White and Chrome Yellow; mix to suit. For children use Rose Madder or Carmine in place of Vermilion. For dark complexions dull the color by adding Vandyke Brown.

Hair - For blonde hair, use half Naples Yellow and Vandyke Brown. For lights, use Naples Yellow. Brown Hair, Vandyke Brown. Black Hair, Ivory Black and Silver White, adding a little Prussian Blue. For Grey Hair, use Silver White, Naples Yellow, Black, Burnt Sienna, and a little Prussian Blue.

Drapery - Whatever color suits.

Background - Your own judgment will suggest the proper color to use.

If you want to change the work in any way, take a small piece of cloth, dipped in turpentine, and remove the color.

For home work and adornment it offers special attractions. The photographs of relatives and friends can be made into Oil-Photo Miniatures, done by your own hands, and handsomely furnished for the mantel and wall at small expense.

We have given you the simplest and best process for making the picture. It is claimed by some that when the oil is used it dries out after a time, and produces opaque spots. Should this trouble appear, it is easily overcome by using glycerine as previously directed. We herewith give you another method in use, and you can adopt whichever you see fit.