A number of different styles are spoken of in this section, not because they have much in common but because they are new and do not yet fit any classification. They are evidence of an urge for inventiveness among the pueblos and also of the importance of the tourist to the present day potter.

Santa Clara

At Santa Clara and San Juan there has been a search for new clays, perhaps in competition with San lldefonso whose dull black on polished black has such a good sale. Santa Clara has developed an entirely new color scheme of white and pale red on dull red.

San Juan. Since 1930 San Juan has been making pots in the natural buff-colored clay, unslipped, but decorated with a band of incised slanting marks around the shoulder. This style is said to come from ancient pottery found in neighboring ruins. Women have added variations of their own to this ancient style. First, the portion of the jar above and below the incised band was given a polished red slip. Then the incised decoration was made in curves with open spaces between them and these were filled in with pink and gray, both new colors for pottery.

Modern Variegated from Santa Clara

Plate IV-21. Modern Variegated from Santa Clara.

San Lldefonso

This pueblo, now a pottery center with a great variety of wares, is also trying new color schemes. In addition to the popular polished red or polished black, its women make pots slipped with red and painted with designs in white, black and white, or pink outlined with white.

Modern Variegated from San lldefonso

Plate IV-23. Modern Variegated from San lldefonso.


Tesuque has also developed a new style though, instead of searching for colored clays, its women have invested in commercial poster colors. In contrast to the earth colors, these are of violent bright shades and, since they are applied after the pot is fired, they soon wear off. This venture has no historic derivation and it is unfortunate that it is encouraged by the tourist trade.

Modern Variegated from San Juan

Plate IV-22. Modern Variegated from San Juan.