In diamond weave, there is a real change for here uneven numbers of warps must be picked up in order to produce diamond figures which are wide in the middle, narrow at both ends. Using diamonds of the same scale as the diagonal and herringbone already diagrammed, warps would be picked up as follows:

Shed No. 1 raises warps 1, 2, 4, 5, 8. Shed No. 2 raises warps 1, 5, 6, 10. Shed No. 3 raises warps 3, 6, 7, 9, 10. Shed No. 4 raises warps 2, 3, A, 7, 8, 9.

Any weaver can make a plan for diamonds large, small, many or few by drawing the design she wants in dots on checkered paper and numbering the warps. She can then see plainly the order in which her four sheds must be opened and the number of warp threads necessary for a diamond of the desired size.

Navaho rugs are sometimes made with as many as seven concentric diamonds, all in different colors. The pueblos use only one color and they prefer two or three small diamonds although more are sometimes made. They use the diamond pattern generally as a border on garments made in some other weave. In that case the loom is rigged first for the diamond twill and one border woven. Then the warp is reversed and the other border woven. After this, the heddles have all to be untied and tied again differently. The weaver in plate 111-12 seems to have woven both borders of a woman's blanket dress and to be now attacking the central portion.

Diagram of diamond weave

Plate 111-24. Diagram of diamond weave.

Close up of diamond twill weave

Plate 111-25. Close-up of diamond twill weave.

Articles Made in Diamond Weave

Border of woman's dark woolen blanket dress when this was not to be embroidered. (Plate 111-28)

Blue border of small white shawl. (Plate 111-20)

Ends of man's woolen breechcloth.

Black and white plaid Hopi blanket. (Plate 111-23)

Variation of diamond weave

Plate 111-26. Variation of diamond weave, twelve warp.

sixty three warp

Plate 111-27. Variation of diamond weave, sixty-three warp.

Close up of fine diamond weave

Plate 111-28. Close-up of fine diamond weave.