This is the fifth volume in the series of books published by the Division of Education, Bureau of Indian Affairs setting forth in popular language what is known about Indian arts and crafts of specific areas. We have drawn freely from authorities and their writings in preparing the material. Much that will be found in these books has been previously published elsewhere. However, in drawing together this material and presenting it in a form which will enable teachers and pupils to visualize clearly the various steps in the execution of these ancient crafts, it is hoped where practicable to stimulate a continuation of them among the people to whom they historically belong.

The printed information about the pueblos is scattered in many scientific publications. Some of these are out of print. Some deal only with one detail of one village. The material has been sifted and facts about their crafts brought together here, and the results reviewed by various specialists at Columbia University, University of New Mexico, Laboratory of Anthropology at Santa Fe, and.the Denver Art Museum. References are not quoted after every statement but a list at the back of the book gives the authorities used, with a note as to the kind of material in each. In addition to this printed material, information was given and crafts demonstrated by pueblo Indians of today. Some of the illustrations were drawn by Indians, graduates of government schools. Others were kindly lent by the National Museum, Denver Art Museum, Museum of Northern Arizona, the Bureau of American Ethnology and the American Anthropologist.

Pueblo Crafts

The following titles in this series have been published:

Blackfeet Crafts by John C. Ewers Iroquois Crafts by Carrie A. Lyford

Navajo Native Dyes by Stella Young and Nonabah Bryan Ojibwa Crafts by Carrie A. Lyford Pueblo Crafts by Ruth Underhill

Quill and Beadwork of the Western Sioux by Carrie A. Lyford Spruce Root Basketry of the Alaska Tlingit by Francis Paul

While prepared and published primarily for use by schools and adult classes of the Indian Bureau, these books are available for purchase by others through the Publications Service, Haskell Indian Junior College, Lawrence, Kansas 66044,

Maria Murtinez

Plate 1. Maria Murtinez prepares pots for firing.