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Ver since the introduction of the Flat Turret Lathe in 1891, it has had a steadily increasing sale and a corresponding development. The noticeable change in appearance, as now shown, is chiefly due to the new form of bed and the new cross sliding head. It is the same old machine taking on an outward shape that conforms to the growth and development of the internal mechanism.

For many years our entire plant has been exclusively devoted to the manufacture of the Flat Turret Lathe and its equipment of tools, and we have enjoyed the reputation of being the only machine tool builders making only one machine, and that in only one size. During these years we have developed several modified forms of this type of machine. Many of these have long been running on our own work. The present machine embodies the desirable features which have been thoroughly tested and developed in these various machines, combined with the standard features of the now celebrated Flat Turret Lathe.

We now offer the machine in two sizes for both bar and chucking work.

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Our Method Of Selling

Our Method Of Selling 23

E sell only to the user, and have no other agents or offices than those given on page 67 for the various countries named. In the United States and Great Britain we have our own traveling representatives whose time is wholly devoted to the Flat Turret Lathe.

A personal inspection of your work by a specialist thoroughly versed in this branch of lathe work may be had within one or two days by wiring us, provided your plant is located in the British Isles or in the manufacturing States bordering on or east of the Mississippi and north of North Carolina and Tennessee.

Since we have our own representatives in this field, you are placed under no obligations to us by making a request for such an inspection and report or proposition.

There can be no uncertainty about price, for we quote a fixed price only, and any one may know our prices.

We make free delivery to nearly all points, and send without charge an operator to instruct your workman in the use of the machine, thus relieving you of all responsibility, except that you agree to accept and pay for the machine and equipment if we fulfill our guarantee.

The Flat Turret Lathe is made by no other maker in America. There are over 3000 now running; therefore, there is no uncertainty about this being the machine. It is either called the Hartness Flat Turret or the Jones & Lamson Flat Turret, but it is always the "Flat Turret." The present machine is protected by many American, British and German patents.

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