Antidote For Nitrate Of Silver

In case of poisoning by nitrate of silver take large doses of salt dissolved in water, after which take one teaspoonful of mustard flour in warm water.

Antidotes For Compounds Of Arsenic

In cases of poisoning by compounds of arsenic take a teaspoonful of mustard flour in warm water, then plenty of oil or milk or linseed tea.

Antidote For Ether

When vapors of ether are inhaled, the effect is similar to that of chloroform. Cases of this kind should be treated by cold effusions and artificial respiration.

Antidotes For Ammonia Acid, Etc

In a case of poisoning by ammonia, soda potash, alkaline, silicate and sulphates, take strong vinegar with water, large doses of oil or large doses of milk. Vapor of ammonia may cause inflammation of the lungs.

Antidote For Oxalic Acid

In case of poisoning by oxalic acid, and its salts, take very thick paste of lime and water by large spoonfuls at a time. After several doses take large drafts of lime water, and finally about four ounces of castor oil.

Antidote For Prussic Acid And Its Salts

In case of poisoning by prussic acid and its salts, cyanide, sulpho-cyanides and nitro-benzine, apply continuous and heavy douches of ice cold water on head and spinal column, mustard plasters on the stomach and soles of the feet, and prevent sleep.

Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is indicated bv constriction in the throat and stomach, crampy pains, and blue lines around the gums. As an antidote take sulphate of soda or magnesia or a teaspoonful of mustard flour in warm water, and strong solutions of Epsom salts in cold water.

Antidotes For Acids

In a case of poisoning by carbonic, sulphuric, nitric, muriatic, nitro-muriatic or phosphoric acids, take the white of an egg well beaten up with water or a teaspoonful of mustard flour in a cup of hot water. In the case of sulphuric, nitric, muriatic or nitro-muriatic acids, a dose of very thick lime water acts as an antidote.