Use Of Turpentine For Wounds

The machinist often cuts or bruises his hands and by having a small bottle of turpentine handy he can at once bathe the injured part, which will relieve the soreness and perhaps protect it from blood poisoning.

Angelica, N. Y. F. II. Jackson*.

Mixtures For Cleaning Grimy Hands

A good mixture for cleaning grimy hands is made by pounding a cake of "Sapolio" or "Bon Ami" up quite fine, and stirring it into a cupful of pure leaf lard, heated very hot. Stir until well mixed and when it is partly cool pour into a tin or tins of convenient size to get the fingers into.

Worcester. Mass. M. E. Howe.

How To Prevent Hands Chapping In Winter

A machinist's hands are apt to get sore and stiff from exposure. Take a four ounce bottle and put in same 3 ounces glycerine, 1 ounce alcohol, and from 20 to 30 drops of carbolic acid. After washing the hands, and while they are a little damp, apply a few drops and thoroughly rub it in. It is also good to use at night.

Angelica. N. Y F. H. Jackson.

Artificial Skin For Burns, Etc

Dissolve equal parts of gun cotton and Venice turpentine in 20 parts sulphuric ether, dissolving the cotton first and then the turpentine. Keep in a tighly corked bottle. The use of the turpentine is to prevent pressure or pinching of the flesh caused by the evaporation of the ether when applied. Water does not affect this covering, hence its value for burns on the face or hands. E. W. NORTON.

For Chapped Hands - Eye Wash

I worked in a drug store for several years and tried many combinations for chapped hands and finally selected the following: Bay rum. 3 ounces: glycerine, 1 ounce; carbolic arid. . dram (30 drops). Wash the hands well and apply while hands are soft, preferably just before going to bed. Rub in thoroughly. This rarely fails to cure the worst "chaps" in two nights.

Also a most excellent eye wash is as follows: Boric acid, 40 grains; camphor water and distilled water, each 2 ounces. Bathe the eyes freely several times a day. This is handy to have when the eyes are inflamed from having steel or emery, etc.. in them. George C. Nash.

Rockford. Ill.

How To Treat Inflamed Eyes - Care Of The Eyes

The treatment of an inflamed eye is a matter of some moment in a machine shop, and too much care cannot be taken to treat such cases scientifically. You have only two eyes - unless you are a foreman, and then you are supposed to be a full-fledged pineapple, as far as eyes are concerned. A splendid remedy for an inflamed eye is a weak solution of powdered borax water -either warm or cold - applied by rubbing it in the eye with a cloth, or dropping it in. It is very soothing and will drive the soreness and inflammation out and leave the eye in a better condition than it was before it was irritated. The proper proportion is a spoonful of powdered borax in a glass of water. A mechanic should always bear in mind that the loss of an eye may drive him to selling shoe-strings. A pair of plain eyeglasses will protect the eyes from chips or emery, and borax water is good for tired eyes too - the kind of eyes you have when working too much overtime.

Another eye kink is to get a round looking glass about 3 inches in diameter, and on the back of it near the center attach a cloth band or strap. I made one with a ball-and-socket Joint. Now this strap is made to fit easily around the head, the glass resting against the forehead. The function of this glass is to reflect the light from a distant window on to the work. It is a very satisfactory rig to wear when filing to a line or working to a line on a machine. The finer the glass the better is the focus of light reflected. By using a ball-and-socket joint the glass can be instantly adjusted to throw the light on the point you wish to see. Every diemaker ought to have one. Carroll Ashley.

Rochester, N. Y.