Process For Pulverizing Borax

To a two-gallon pail of boiling water add as much borax as will dissolve - and a surprising amount will dissolve - 12 to 15 pounds in two gallons of water. When as much borax is added to the boiling water as will dissolve, set the pail in cold water, running water preferred. Stir contents vigorously, which will in a few minutes form into a thick mass; spread this out thin on some smooth surface, as tin, where it will soon dry to flakes which, when handled, will crumble to dust. This process is employed here at the Rock Island arsenal. Albert D. Knauel.

Moline, HI.

How To Restore Burnt Steel

To restore burnt cast steel heat the piece to a red heat and sprinkle over it a mixture of 8 parts, red chromate of potassium; 4 parts, saltpeter; 1/8 part, aloes; 1/8 part, gum arabic, and part, rosin. A. A.

Anti-Freezing Solution

A solution for water jackets on gas engines that will not freeze at any temperature (above 20 degrees below zero may be made by combining 100 parts of water by weight with 75 parts of carbonate potash and 50 parts of glycerine. This solution is non-corrosive and will remain perfectly liquid at all temperatures above its congealing point.

Re-Inking Time-Clock Ribbons

For re-inking time-clock ribbons we use the following receipt for black: 1 ounce aniline black; 15 ounces pure grain alcohol; 15 ounces concentrated glycerine. Dissolve the aniline black in the alcohol and then add the glycerine. For blue use prussian blue, and for red use red lead instead of the aniline black. This ink is also good for rubber stamp pads.

Moline, Ill. Albert D. Knauel.

How To Cut Cork

In cutting cork, the knife should be kept greased. Where, however, the desired piece is symmetrical about one axis, and of circular cross-section, it may best be roughed with a greasy knife and then ground to profile with a coarse emery wheel. Cork pen-holders are made in this way. Where many pieces are to be cut out of sheet cork, it is advisable to use a band knife, against which there is kept pressed a block of grease. Robert Grimshaw.

Hanover, Germany.

Insulating Covering For Steam Pipes And Boilers

To one barrel of lime use six barrels of sawdust. Slake the lime in an ordinary mortar bed, and when slaked mix in the sawdust, using enough mortar to make it of the consistency of mortar. Apply when the steam is on. The covering is adapted for steam pipes and boilers, more especially in sawmills and other places where a box can be built around the pipe so as to hold the mixture in place. It is approved by insurance companies. Theodore Disch.

Milwaukee, Wis.

How To Punch Hard Rubber

To punch hard rubber successfully heat the punch and die, or the material. The blanks usually curl or wrinkle into almost every conceivable shape in the operation of cutting. To straighten and bring them back to their original outline, allow the punchings to drop into a pan of hot water. The action of the hot water causes the curled parts to return to their former flat shape, the same as before passing through the die. L. C. Carr.

Lynn, Mass.