Mixture For Ebonizing Wood Handles, Etc

To prepare a mixture for ebonizing wood handles, etc., use logwood, 2 pounds; tannic acid, 1 pound, and sulphate of iron, 1 pound. Apply hot and polish when the pieces have become dry and cold.

Birmingham, Eng. W. R. Bowers.

Polishing Wood

A very nice polish on wood is obtained by using the following mixture: pint of alcohol, ounce of shellac, and ounce of rosin. Dissolve the shellac and rosin in the alcohol; then add pint of linseed oil, and shake the whole mixture. Apply with a sponge, brush or flannel. Rub the wood thoroughly after the application. ______E. W. Norton.

How To Finish Wooden Handles, Gun Stocks, Etc

The wooden parts of tools, the forearms and stocks of guns, etc., are often made to have a fine appearance by French polishing, but this finish adds little or nothing to their durability. A much better finish is to soak the wood in linseed oil for a week and then rub it with an oil-soaked cloth a few minutes every day for a week or two longer. This solidifies and preserves the work. A. L. Monrad.