Blacking Brass

For blacking brass I find nothing superior to chloride of antimony. The articles should be thoroughly cleaned and polished, then immersed in the solution for a short time, and dried over a spirit lamp; then brush with a black lead brush.

Angelica, N. Y. F. II. Jackson.

For Billing Small Brass Articles By Immersion

To blue small brass articles by immersion, use chloride of antimony, 1 ounce; water, 20 ounces; hydrochloric acid, 3 ounces. Place the solution in an earthen jar and suspend the piece in this bath until blue, then wash and dry in sawdust. The pieces should be warmed first.

To blue steel without heat, apply nitric acid; wipe off the acid clean, oil and burnish. L. E. Muncy.

Syracuse, N. Y.

How To Blacken Brasswork For Instruments

To give a dull black surface to brass-work, paint it with a mixture made of a thimbleful of lampblack, to which is added 4 or 5 spots of gold size. Mix well with a knife on a flat slate until the whole is about as thick as putty. Only put sufficient gold size to make the lampblack stick together, as too much will make a bright instead of a dull black. Add about twice the volume of turpentine to the mixture, stir well with a camel's hair brush, and apply to the brasswork. Jos. M. Stabel.

Rochester, N. Y.

How To Copper Brass For Laying Out Work

To apply a copper coloring upon brass for laying out work, put a few drops of the ordinary coppering solution upon the brass and then dip a piece of iron or steel into the solution and touch the brass.

Providence, R. I. Oscar J. Beale.

Frosting Brass Work

Boil the brass in caustic potash, rinse in clean water, and dip in nitric acid till all oxide is removed; then wash quickly, dry in warm boxwood sawdust, and lacquer while warm. This will give brass an ornamental finish. F. H. Jackson.

Angelica, N. Y.

Tinning Wash For Brass Work

To prepare a tinning wash for brass work, use 6 pounds of white argil (potter's clay), 4 gallons of soft water, and 8 pounds tin shavings. Boil the brass work in this solution for 15 or 20 minutes.

Birmingham, Eng. W. R. Bowers.

Black Bronze For Brass

Dip the article, cleaned bright, in aquafortis (nitric acid); rinse the acid off with clean water, and place it in the following mixture until it turns black: Hydrochloric acid, 12 pounds; sulphate of iron, 1 pound, and pure white arsenic, 1 pound. It is then taken out, rinsed in clean water, dried in sawdust, polished with black lead and lacquered with green lacquer. Rochester, N. Y. Jos. M. STABEL..

Silver White Bronze

To prepare silver white bronzing powder, melt together one ounce each of bismuth and tin, adding one ounce of mercury. When cool, pulverize into a fine powder.

Hoboken, N. J. R. P. Perry.

Mat Dip For Brass

To make a mat dip for brass, mix 1 part sulphuric acid in 1 to 2 parts of nitric acid and 1 part sulphate of zinc. Let the mixture stand 24 hours, and use hot. More or less nitric acid gives a fine or coarse effect, as may be preferred.

Bridgeport, Conn. J. L. Lucas.