The making of an eye bolt is a common piece of work. It may be made in either one of two ways. The easier method produces an eye shaped as in Fig. 56. To make such a bolt, first scarf the end so that it will fit over the bend of the rod along the dotted line a b. Bend the eye over the horn of the anvil. Finally bring to a welding heat and weld in accordance with instructions already given.

An eye of better appearance as shown in Fig. 57 is mads as follows : Upset the body of the metal as a seat for the scarf at the end, shown at a Fig. 58. Scarf the end of the bar and bend over the horn of the anvil into a true circle to fit the seat at a,. and then weld as before.

Eye Bolt 100511

Fig. 56.

Eye Bolt 100512

Fig. 57.

Eye Bolt 100513

Fig. 58.

The length of metal required for an eye or ring is nearly equal to the length of the cicumferenee of a circle whose diameter is equal to the mean diameter of the ring. Thus in Fig. 57 the length required for the eye will be approximately the length of the circle a b c b whose diameter is a c.