1. Determine the belt tensions in a laced belt transmitting 50 horse-power at a velocity of 3,500 feet per minute. Suppose that the arc of contact is 180°; weight of belt = .035 pound per cub. in.; and coefficient of friction 25 per cent.

2. What is the width of above belt if it is 3/16 inch in thickness ?

3. What initial tension must be placed on above belt?

4. The main drive pulley of a 120-horse-power water wheel is 6 feet in diameter. A cemented leather belt is to connect the main pulley to a 3-foot pulley on the line shafting in a mill. The horizontal distance between centers of shafting is 24 feet; coefficient of friction, 30 per cent; revolutions per minute of line shafting, 180. Design the belt for this drive.

5. An 8-inch double belt 3/8 inch thick connects 2 pulleys of 30-inch and 20-inch diameter respectively. The horizontal distance between the centers is 12.5 feet. The coefficient of friction is 0.3, and the weight of belt per cubic inch is 0.035 pound. Working tension, 300 pounds per square inch. Speed of belt 5,000 feet per minute. Lower face of 30-inch pulley is the driving face. Required the H. P. which may be transmitted (theoretically).

6. Compare the theoretical horse-power in problem 5 with that obtained by the use of empirical formula.