1. Calculate the tensile stress due to centrifugal force in the rim of a cast-iron pulley 30 inches in diameter, at 500 revolutions per minute.

2. The driving force of a belt on a 36-inch pulley is 800 lbs., and the belt wrap about 180°. Calculate proportions of elliptical arms to resist bending, the allowable fiber stress being 2,000.

3. A pulley 12 inches in diameter, 5/8-inch web, 4- inch diameter hub, transmits 25 horse-power at a belt speed of 3,000 ft. per minute. Calculate the maximum shearing stress in the web.

4. In Fig. 24 assume the following data: L1 = 7 inches; t2=l inch; e - l inches; f = 3 inches; area of rim = 3 sq. in.; allowable tensile stress in rim 1,000 lbs. per sq. in. Calculate the diameter of the rim bolts.

5. Calculate the fiber stress in the rim bolt flange along the line of the bolts.