This tool will be found very convenient for smoothing out sunk panels, for letting in rapping and lifting plates, and for all depressions below the general surface of the pattern. It will plane the bottoms of recesses to a uniform depth from the surface of the work, and will work into angles and corners that otherwise could be reached only by the use of the paring chisel. It is illustrated in Fig. 39.

The Router Plane The Spoke Shave 100139

Fig. 39.

The Spoke-Shave

The spoke-shave is used by the pattern maker for shaping and rounding out small curves either convex or concave, which cannot be reached with the circular plane. It can be found in a great variety of styles, either in metal, as shown in Fig. 40, or in wood. The all-wood boxwood spoke shave illustrated in Fig. 41, without brass facing or screw adjustment, is to be preferred to all others for the pattern maker's two, especially for working pine or other soft wood.

The Spoke Shave 100140

Fig. 40.

The Spoke Shave 100141

Fig. 41.