Statement Of Problems

From the principles just stated, the uniform course of procedure in laying out a cam is as follows:

1. Draw the follower in several positions in its path.

2. Draw cam radii corresponding to these positions.

3. Rotate the follower about the cam.

4. Draw tangent line.

5. Test the cam.

6. Draw the line of pressure for each position.

Plate Cams With Uniform Motion

In Figs. 79 to 86 inclusive, it is required to move the follower F with uniform motion from position 0 to 6, while the cam rotates through 150°; it is then to remain at rest during a cam movement of 30°; then to return to its original position, moving uniformly from position 6 to 0, while the cam turns through the remainder of the circle, or 180°. This is briefly expressed as follows: Uniform rise, 150°; rest, 30°; uniform fall, 180°.