A Practical Workshop Companion for Tin, Sheet-Iron, and Copper-plate Workers:

Containing Rules for describing various kinds of Patterns used by Tin, Sheet-Iron and Copper-plate Workers; Practical Geometry; Mensuration of Surface and Solids; Tables of the Weights of Metals, Lead-pipe, etc.; Tables of Areas and Circumferences of Circles; Japan, Varnishes, Lacquers, Cements, Compositions, etc., etc. By Leroy J. Blinn, Master Mechanic. With One Hundred and Seventy Illustrations. 12mo..............................................$2.50


Marble Worker's Manual:

Containing Practical Information respecting Marbles in general, their Cutting, Working and Polishing; Veneering of Marble; Mosaics; Composition and Use of Artificial Marble, Stuccos, Cements, Receipts, Secrets, etc., etc. Translated from the French by M. L. Booth. With an Appendix concerning American Marbles. 12mo., cloth $1.50


A Practical Treatise on Animal and Vegetable Fats and Oils:

Comprising both Fixed and Volatile Oils, their Physical and Chemical Properties and Uses, the Manner of Extracting and Refining them, and Practical Rules for Testing them; as well as the Manufacture of Artificial Butter and Lubricants, etc., with lists of American Patents relating to the Extraction, Rendering, Refining, Decomposing and Bleaching of Fats and Oils. By William T. Brannt, Editor of the "Techno-Chemical Receipt Book." Second Edition, Revised and in great part Rewritten. Illustrated by 302 Engravings. In Two Volumes. 1304 pp. 8vo...................$10.00


A Practical Treatise on Distillation and Rectification of Alcohol:

Comprising Raw Materials; Production of Malt, Preparation of Mashes and of Yeast; Fermentation; Distillation and Rectification and Purification of Alcohol; Preparation of Alcoholic Liquors, Liqueurs, Cordials, Bitters, Fruit Essences, Vinegar, etc.; Examination of Materials for the Preparation of Malt as well as of the Malt itself; Examination of Mashes before and after Fermentation; Alcoholometry, with Numerous Comprehensive Tables; and an Appendix on the Manufacture of Compressed Yeast and the Examination of Alcohol and Alcoholic Liquors for Fusel Oil and other Impurities. By William T. Brannt, Editor of "The Techno-Chemical Receipt Book." Second Edition. Entirely Rewritten. Illustrated by 105 engravings. 460 pages. 8vo. (Dec, 1903)............................................$10.00


India Rubber, Gutta-Percha and Balata:

Occurrence, Geographical Distribution, and Cultivation, Obtaining and Preparing the Raw Materials, Modes of Working and Utilizing them, including Washing, Maceration, Mixing, Vulcanizing, Rubber and Gutta-Percha Compounds, Utilization of Waste, etc. By William T. Brannt. Illustrated. 12mo. A new edition in preparation.


A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Vinegar and Acetates, Cider, and Fruit-Wines:

Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables by Canning and Evaporation; Preparation of Fruit-Butters, Jellies, Marmalades, Catchups, Pickles, Mustards, etc. Edited from various sources. By William T. Brannt. Illustrated by 101 Engravings. 575 pp. 8vo; 3d edition..........Net, $6.00


The Metallic Alloys: A Practical Guide:

For the Manufacture of all kinds of Alloys, Amalgams, and Solders, used by Metal Workers: together with their Chemical and Physical Properties and their Application in the Arts and the Industries; with an Appendix on the Coloring of Alloys and the Recovery of Waste Metals. By William T. Brannt. 45 Engravings. Third, Revised, and Enlarged Edition. 570 pages. 8vo....................Net, $5.00


The Metal Worker's Handy-Book of Receipts and Processes:

Being a Collection of Chemical Formulas and Practical Manipulations for the working of all Metals; including the decoration and Beautifying of Articles Manufactured therefrom, as well as their Preservation. Edited from various sources. By William T. Brannt. Illustrated. 12mo.$2.50



Its History, Origin, Occurrence, Production, Physical and Chemical Constitution, Technology, Examination and Uses; Together with the Occurrence and Uses of Natural Gas. Edited chiefly from the German of Prof. Hans Hoefer and Dr. Alexander Veith by Wm. T. Brannt. Illustrated by 3 Plates and 284 Engravings. 743 pp. 8vo...........$12.50


The Practical Dry Cleaner, Scourer and Garment Dyer:

Comprising Dry, Chemical, or French Cleaning; Purification of Benzine; Removal of Stains, or Spotting; Wet Cleaning; Finishing Cleaned Fabrics; Cleaning and Dyeing Furs, Skin Rugs and Mats; Cleaning and Dyeing Feathers; Cleaning and Renovating Felt, Straw and Panama Hats; Bleaching and Dyeing Straw and Straw Hats; Cleaning and Dyeing Gloves; Garment Dyeing; Stripping; Analysis of Textile Fabrics. Edited by William T. Brannt, Editor of "The Techno-Chemical Receipt Book." Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Illustrated by Forty-One Engravings. 12 mo. 371 pp......................................$2.50

Contents: I. Dry Chemical or French Cleaning. II. Removal of Stains or Spotting. III. Wet Washing. IV. Finishing Cleaned Fabrics. V. Cleaning and Dyeing Furs, Skin Rugs and Mats. VI. Cleaning and Dyeing Feathers. VII. Cleaning and Renovating Felt, Straw and Panama Hats ; Bleaching and Dyeing Straw and Straw Hats. VIII. Cleaning and Dyeing Gloves. IX. Garment Dyeing. X. Stripping Colors from Garments and Fabrics. XI. Analysis of Textile Fabrics. Index.


The Soap Maker's Hand-Book of Materials,

Processes and Receipts for every description of Soap; including Fats, Fat Oils and Fatty Acids; Examination of Fats and Oils; Alkalies; Testing Soda and Potash; Machines and Utensils; Hard Soaps; Soft Soaps; Textile Soaps; Washing Powders and Allied Products; Toilet Soaps, Medicated Soaps, and Soap Specialties; Essential Oils and other Perfuming Materials; Testing Soaps. Edited chiefly from the German of Dr. C. Deite, A. Engelhardt, F. Wiltner, and numerous other Experts. With Additions by William T. Brannt, Editor of "The Techno-Chemical Receipt Book." Illustrated by Fifty-four Engravings. Second edition, Revised and in great part Re-Written. 535 pp. 8vo.....$6.00