In commencing to make a canvas bag as used by sailors, a double seam is sewn down the side of the bag, and it is then a canvas cylinder. To get the radius of the circle for the canvas bottom, measure the width of the bag while flat on a table and add 2 in., and divide by 3. Make a loop of twine to this size, stick a sail needle into a piece of canvas, and with pencil and twine describe a circle about 2 in. greater in diameter than the bag. Now shorten the twine 1 in. and make another circle, cut out the canvas bottom to the outer circle, turn in 1/2 in. of the edge of the bag and sew a round seam with needle and twine, keeping the doubled edge to the inner pencilled circle; turn the bag inside out, and flat-seam the bottom edge to the side; this makes a neater job, though the one seam alone will suffice. For securing the top of the bag, sew a leather strip on the top edge of the canvas just as braid is put on cloth; then to the side seam, just below the leather, sew a strap to encircle the neck tightly and fasten with a padlock, the strap being furnished at its ends with hasp, etc., to take the padlock; the leather edging cannot be pulled under the strap.

Another plan is to sew a tabling or hem round the top edge, then sew canvas beckets about 6 in. apart round the neck, and through these pass the strap and lock as before. A piece of brass chain is sometimes used in place of the strap, the end links taking the lock. A strap with buckle can, of course, be used if a lock is not wanted.