The following is a method of removing paint and varnish from furniture without using glasspaper or a burning lamp. To each bucketful of freshly slaked limewash add 21b. or 31b. of common washing soda and a pennyworth of rock ammonia. Apply liberally by means of fibre brushes. For carved portions, make the solution thicker by adding more lime or sawdust. Scrape off the varnish as it softens; several applications may be given. Swill off with plenty of clean water, and brush over with common vinegar before applying any stain. For de i-cate and turned work, a solution of hot borax water and rock ammonia will generally suffice. Or make a pickle as follows - 1/2 lb. of American potash, 1/2lb. of soft soap, 1/2 lb. of rock ammonia, 1 lb. of washing soda,-and 1 gal. of water.