Below are instructions on repolishing and lacquering an iron and copper standard lamp. Take the lamp bracket to pieces, and remove from the copper parts all the old lacquer by boiling in a potash solution; then swill in several changes of clean water, and dry in warm sawdust. The parts must then be polished, and afterwards lacquered either hot or cold, using a very pale lacquer. The iron parts must be smoothed down, and may then be painted with cycle enamel if a polished surface is required. If a dull black finish is desired, after removing thoroughly all grease and dirt, the ironwork may be painted with, or dipped into, a solution consisting of 1 part bismuth chloride, 2 parts mercury bichloride, 1 part copper chloride, 6 parts hydrochloric acid, 5 parts alcohol, and 50 parts water, well stirred together. When dry, placein boiling water, and keep boiling for half an hour. Should the colour not be dark or black enough, repeat the operation. The black is fixed by coating with boiling oil and heating till all oil is driven off.