Ammoniac Gum is a concrete gummy-resinous juice. This gum has a nauseous sweetish taste, succeeded by a sensation of bitter, somewhat resembling galbanum, but more grateful. It is usually brought from the East Indies, in large masses composed of lumps, or tears; it acquires a yellowish appearance on exposure to the air. When chewed, it softens in the mouth, and becomes or a white colour. It may be partially dissolved in water, or in vinegar, with which it assumes the appearance of milk; but the resinous part, amounting to about one-half, subsides when suffered to rest. In medicine, it is prescribed for removing obstructions of the abdominal viscera; in hysterical complaints, and in long and obstinate colics, proceeding from viscid matter lodged in the intestines. Externally, it is used for the purpose of discussing indolent tumours; and, with a mixture of squill vinegar, forms a plaster sometimes successfully applied in the case of white swellings.