A wine prepared from honey; a quantity of good honey, with rather more than its weight of water is to be boiled, scummed, and evaporated until it is of a consistence that will float an egg: the liquor is then to be strained and poured into a barrel; this barrel, which ought to be nearly full, must be exposed to a heat as equable as possible, from 75° to 90° Fahr., keeping the bung-hole slightly covered but not closed. The spirituous fermentation will take, and continue during two or three months, according to the heat During this fermentation, the barrel is to be occasionally filled up, with more of the liquor of honey (previously saved for that purpose) to replace that which flows out in froth. When the fermentation ceases and the liquor has become vinous, the barrel should then be closed and stored in a cool cellar. In twelve months it is fit for bottling.