Stone Colour

White lead, with a little burnt or raw umber, and yellow ochre.

Gray Stone Colour

White lead, and a little black.


White lead, with burnt umber and a little yellow ochre for a warm tint, and with raw umber and a little black for a green tint.

Pearl Colour, Or Pearl Grey

White lead with black, and a little Prussian blue.

Sky Blue

White lead, with Prussian blue.

French Grey

White lead, with Prussian blue, and a little lake. These last, used in various proportions, will make purples and lilacs of all shades.

Fawn Colour

White lead, with stone ochre, and a little vermilion or burnt stone ochre.


White lead and yellow ochre.

Cream Colour

Same as the last, with more white.

Lemon Colour

White lead, with chrome yellow.

Orange Colour

Orange lead, or chrome yellow and vermilion.

Peach Colour

White lead, with either vermilion, Indian red, purple brown, or burnt stone ochre.

Gold Colour

Chrome yellow, with a little vermilion and white.

Violet Colour

White lead, with vermilion, blue and black.

Sage Green

Prussian blue, raw umber, and yellow stone ochre, with a little white, and thinned with boiled oil and a little turpentine.

Olive Green

Raw'umber, with Prussian blue, thinned as before.

Pea Green

White lead, with Brunswick green, or with Prussian blue and chrome yellow.

Chocolate Colour

Spanish brown, or Venetian red and black, thinned with boiled oil and a little turpentine.

Lead Colour

White lead and black.

Plain Opaque Oak Colour

White lead, with yellow ochre and burnt umber.

Plain Opaque Mahogany Colour

Purple brown, or Venetian red, with a little black.

Black should be ground in boiled oil, and thinned with boiled oil and a little turpentine.

It will be obvious that the proportions of the colours above mentioned must be determined by the particular tone of colour required.