(a) For deal floors, wood, stone, and brick work. Dissolve 15 dr. good glue by boiling with thickish milk of lime, which contains 1 lb. caustic lime. Then add linseed-oil just sufficient to form a soap with the lime. This mixture can be used for making up any colour which is not altered by lime. A solution of shellac in borax can be added for brown-red or brown-yellow colours, and is very suitable in painting deal floors. With a coating of varnish or lake, the substances thus painted assume a fine lustre. They can bo polished with linseed-oil or turpentine.

(b) A lime paint which will bear washing. 3 parts flint, 3 marble fragments and sandstone, 2 calcined white china-clay, and 2 slaked lime, all in powder, furnish a paint to which chosen colours, that may be employed with lime, are added. This paint, by repeated applications, becomes as hard as stone, without losing porosity.