Make a pencil line round the paper with the T-square at a sufficient distance to clear the glued edge, and to cut the paper with a penknife, guided by a stout ruler. In no instance should the edge of the T-square be used to cut by. A piece of hard wood 1/2 in. thick by 2 in. wide, and about the length of the paper, forms a useful rule for the purpose, and may be had at small cost. The instrument used for cutting off, in any important draughtsman's office, is what is termed a stationers' rule, which is a piece of hard wood of similar dimensions to that just described, but with the edges covered with brass. It is necessary to have the edge thick, to prevent the point of the knife slipping over. Either of the above rules will also answer to turn the edge of the paper up against when glueing it to the board.