Chinese Glue

Shellac dissolved in alcohol. Used for joining wood, earthenware, glass, etc. This cement requires considerable time to become thoroughly hard, and even then is not as strong as good glue. Its portability is its only recommendation.

Faraday's Cap Cement. Electrical Cement

Resin, 5 oz.; beeswax 1 oz.; red ochre or Venetian red in powder, 1 oz. Dry the earth thoroughly on a stove at a temperature above 212o. Melt the wax and resin together and stir in the powder by degrees. Stir until cold, lest the earthy matter settle to the bottom. Used for fastening brass work to glass tubes, flasks, etc.

Cement For Glass Earthenware

Dilute white of egg with its bulk of water and beat up thoroughly. Mix to the consistence of thin paste with powdered quicklime. Must be used immediately.

Liquid Glue

1. A very strong glue may be made by dissolving 4 oz. of glue in 16 ounces of strong acetic acid by the aid of heat. It is semi-solid at ordinary temperatures, but needs only to be warmed, by placing the vessel containing it into hot water, to be ready for use.

2. Dilute officinal phosphoric acid with two parts, by weight of water, and saturate with carbonate of ammonia; dilute the resulting liquid, which must be still somewhat acid, with another part of distilled water, warm it on a water-bath, and dissolve in it enough good glue to form a thick, syrupy liquid. It must be kept in well-closed bottles.

3. A most excellent form is also Dumoulin's Liquid and Unalterable Glue. This is made as follows: Dissolve 8 oz. of best glue in 1/2 pint of water in a wide-mouthed bottle, by heating the bottle in a water-bath. Then add slowly 2 1/2 oz. of nitric acid, spec. gr. 1330, stirring constantly. Effervescence takes place under escape of nitrous acid gas. When all the acid has been added, the liquid is allowed to cool. Keep it well corked, and it will be ready for use at any moment. It does not gelatinize, or putrefy or ferment. It is applicable to many domestic uses, such as mending china, wood, etc.

Mouth Glue

Good glue, 1 lb.; is inglass, 4 oz. Soften in water, boil and add \ lb. fine brown sugar. Boil till pretty thick and pour into moulds.