Sorel's Cement

Mix commercial zinc white with 1/2 its bulk of fine sand, adding a solution of chloride of zinc of 1.26 specific gravity, and rub the whole thoroughly together in a mortar. The mixture must be applied at once, as it hardens very quickly.

Steam Boiler Cement

Mix two parts of finely powdered Litharge with one part of very fine sand, and one part of quicklime which has been allowed to slack spontaneously by exposure to the air. This mixture may be kept for any length of time without injuring. In using it a portion is mixed into paste with linseed oil, or, still better, boiled linseed oil. In this state it must be quickly applied, as it soon becomes hard.

Transparent Cement For Glass

Fine Canada balsam.

Turner's Cement

Melt 1 lb. of resin in a pan over the fire, and, when melted, add a 1/4 of a lb. of pitch. While these are boiling add brick dust until, by dropping a little on a cold stone, you think it hard enough. In winter it may be necessary to add a little tallow. By means of this cement a piece of wood may be fastened to the chuck, which will hold when cool; and when the work is finished it may be removed by a smart stroke with the tool. Any traces of the cement may be removed from the work by means of benzine.

Wollaston's White Cement For Large Objects

Beeswax, 1 oz.; resin, 4 oz.; powdered plaster of paris, 5 oz. Melt together. To use, warm the edges of the specimen and use the cement warm.