By Charles G. Peker.

60 PAGES (5x7 Inches) 43 DRAWINGS IN TEXT

8 LARGE FOLDING PLATES Handsomely Bound in Cloth.


How To Read Plans.

Seat pest paid on receipt of price. Your money back If you are not pleated.

MANY building mechanics are handicapped from getting more pay because they are unable to read plans and work from a drawing.

Of course the best way is to learn how to draw; but many mechanics cannot afford the time for the necessary practise. It is for these men that this book was prepared, as the author simply explains the meaning of the various lines, plans, views, elevations, sections, scales, blue prints, devices, symbols, etc., to be found on a set of plans.

Each subject is taken up and explained and illustrated separately, and then a full complete set of architect's plans for a frame house is taken up and explained so that the reader will be sure to understand how to read plans.

The book is finely illustrated by 43 illustrations in the text, and 8 large folding plates giving the full plan of a 6 room frame house. This set of plans alone is worth many times the cost of the book; an architect would charge at least $25 for their equal.

The useful suggestions, hints, etc., in this book will make it of value to even those who understand how to draw as well as those who do not.

It is one of the most valuable books ever got out for building mechanics, as its information means increasing a man's salary. It is pretty safe to say that to the man who cannot read a drawing now this book will mean at least $50more pay during the first year he has it.

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