Other Useful Alloys in engineering work are: Anti-Friction Metal, used to line bearings for shafts; composed of

Best refined copper. .

3.7 per cent

Banca tin

88.8 " "

Regulus of antimony

7.5 " "

These must be well fluxed with borax and rosin in mixing. Monel Metal, for blades of steam turbines.

Nickel, not less than 60 per cent;

Copper, remainder to make up 100 per cent.

A monel metal consisting of nickel, copper, and iron is refined from a deposit of natural alloy of these metals. It is much cheaper than the made-up alloy and is well adapted to practical use, although its proportions are not likely to be always the same.

Another alloy recently brought into use consists of


90 per cent


10 " "

This alloy is lighter and stronger than aluminum, and will doubtless find extensive use in airship construction, and possibly for castings for submarine and other naval uses, where lightness and strength are requisite features.