A list of machine tools for a well-equipped shop is as follows:

(1) Lathe.

(2) Drilling machine, commonly called a drill.

(3) Planer.

(4) Shaping machine or shaper.

(5) Milling machine.

(6) Boring machine or boring mill.

(7) Slotting machine.

(8) Pipe cutting and threading machine.

(9) Tool-sharpening equipment.

(10) Metal saws.

(11) Forcing presses.

There are several sizes and types of each of these classes of machines. The differences in the several types of one class consist of durability of make, rapidity and degree of accuracy of work done, and range of adaptability to various kinds of work.

Some shops may have machines other than those here named for special or unusual work, though many shops have only Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9, and even a considerable variety of work can be managed with lathe, drill and planer.

The best means of driving machine tools is by means of an electric motor for each machine.