With the spread of technical education, which is such a feature in the present century, scarcely a household but has its more or less pretentious workshop, in which the mechanical and scientific tastes of the boys can be developed and made useful. No better way of keeping idle hands from mischief can be imagined, and there is always a charm about home-made knicknaoks, and a satisfaction in doing one's own repairs about the dwelling, that quite atone for any little defects that a professional eye might discover. As aid books to such industrious amateurs, and by no means to be despised even by the trained mechanic, Workshop Receipts have enjoyed a wide reputation for close on a quarter of a century. Of handy size, well indexed, and fully illustrated, they comprise in themselves a complete technical library at a very low cost. In adding a Fifth volume, the range of subjects has been widened, and the information conveyed in earlier volumes has been supplemented by the results of most recent investigations and experiments, thus bringing the whole series well up to date.

In the matter of illustrations this last addition to their number is specially liberal.