One of the most attractive features of cast resin plastics is the fact that a wide variety of projects can be made with only the simplest of hand-tool equipment, found in any school or homeworkshop. Such work requires more patience and more time of course than working with the proper power tools, but on the other hand, the results are just as satisfying, just as much is learned, and the finish and appearance of the completed work can be the absolute equal of comparable articles turned out with the most expensive equipment, since the color and finish resides in the material itself, and can be uncovered at any point by the polishing process. The following group of hand-tool projects have been designed to use the few simple tools such as files, saws, etc., commonly on hand anywhere, and a few homemade accessories which have been previously described. Most of them are quite economical as to material requirements, which run from a few cents per project upwards.

How to Polish Without Power Tools. Polishing cast resins by hand, without power equipment of any kind is a comparatively slow process, but it can be easily done. First remove all tool-marks and sand thoroughly with fine sandpaper. Then glue a piece of felt to a stick. Rub this on the cake of buffing-compound and then rub the object briskly. When no sandpaper scratches are visible, wash the compound off, and with another felt-covered stick, go through the same process with the polishing compound, and a brilliant finish will result. Another hand-polishing stunt, particularly useful when polishing the inside of a cut-out part, such as a ring, etc., is to tie one end of a narrow rag to the bench, rub the compound on the rag, pass it through the hole in the object, and holding the rag taut, rub the object back and forth briskly on the rag. In all operations, bear in mind that too much friction in one spot can produce enough heat to spoil your finish and require re-sanding and re-polishing.

Methods of polishing with power buffers, etc., are described in another chapter.