As to "color substitution", it is usually possible to find another red, or another green than the particular one ordered, and in the long run a color substitution usually looks just as well in the finished project as the original color ordered, as the beauty of this material is in reality as much in its brilliant finish as in the color itself—ANY color is beautiful if it is properly finished and polished. I had a piece of dull pigeon-grey lying about my shop for months—certainly an uninteresting color in any other material—until one day I needed this particular shape for some project, and this being the only color available in this shape, it was used. The result was so striking that four out of five projects since then have had a touch of this color incorporated in the design.

"Special Kits" In the case of special "kits" of course, which contain all the materials required to make up some particular project, there is no question of delay or difficulty in filling orders, as these are usually made up in advance from stock on hand, or made up in such quantities that special runs of the desired colors and shapes are warranted. Moreover, such "kits" eliminate waste and are economical in that they contain just enough material to make the project, without the craftsman being forced to buy an entire rod for instance just to get the 4" piece required for that particular job. Due to the quantities, these "kits" often offer better bargains than the purchase of the same material separately.

"Get Acquainted Kits" This statement applies especially to the "experimental" or "get-acquainted" kits offered by the various companies—these contain a large variety of pieces cut from different shapes and colors, and usually contain more material than the dollar-value indicated, and they constitute the best possible method of quickly getting acquainted with the material and the shapes in which it is available, as well as samples of all the various supplies, cement, etc.