Project No. 37

Materials: 4 round 3/4" rods;

2 sheets 1/4"

The ash-stand in Figures 51 and 52 is a much simpler undertaking. It consists merely of a little turning and cementing, and the sketch is fairly self-explanatory. The legs consist of standard-length plastic rods, 3/4-inch x 20-inches. The sub-base in this project is likewise turned of a dark wood instead of plastics, to give bulk without expense. The balance is made up out of alternating sheets of 1/4-inch colored plastics, with dimensions figured out so that the entire project can be made with two sheets of standard size, 6-inches by 16-inches.

The Ash Stand

Fig. 51. The ash-stand in Project 37.

Two 6-inches x 6-inches pieces are cut off of each sheet, leaving two pieces about net. Three of the 6-inch squares are cemented together and turned to 5 7/8-inches round on the face-plate, buffed and polished. Then, using as narrow a tool as possible, cut the center out, leaving a ring about 5/8-inch thick. This outside ring is the base, on top of which a solid 5 7/8-inch circle is cemented and polished, and then this entire cap fits over the wooden sub-base. After assembling the base, drill four 3/4-inch holes properly spaced, about 1/4-inch back from the edge and 3/4-inch deep, into which the legs are inserted and cemented. You will find when you are all done you will have enough sheet stock left over to make a 3 1/8-inch circle of 1/4-inch sheet, which is cemented on top of this base, inside the legs.

The chunk cut out from the center becomes the ash-tray at the top. Cut the center out of this also, and this center becomes the little pipe-shelf shown in the sketch. Notches for the cigarettes are filed in the top of this tray, and a 3 7/8-inch circle is turned and cemented on the bottom of the circle to form a bottom.

A hole is turned, bored or drilled in the remaining round block, and this is cemented to the legs in the position shown, making up little spacers from scrap 1/4 inch material to fill in the space between this block and the legs.

Dimensions And Details Of The Ash Stand

Fig. 52. Dimensions and details of the ash-stand in Project 37.

The legs are filed or ground to the shape shown in the sketch, and cemented to the top.

In laying out your alternate colored sheets be sure and have the dark color on top in each case, except possibly in the center block.