Project No. 11

Materials: 3" of 3/8" round-rod.

A really worth-while project, yet easily made, is this keyring Figure 28. A piece of brass rod, preferably nickeled, 2 3/4" long, is threaded for 1/2" at one end, and bent to the shape shown. The top plastic rod has a hole half-way thru at one end, a loose fit for the brass, and a loose-fit hole all the way thru at the other end. The bottom piece (which has a shallow round groove filed in its top with a 1/4" rat-tail file) has a tap hole clear thro one end. This hole is threaded with a tap to fit the brass, or the brass is allowed to cut its own threads as it is screwed in. The working-principle is obvious.

Ull Sized Designs For A Plastic Menagerie

Fig. 21. Full-sized designs for a "plastic menagerie". These snimsls can be Jig-sawed out of sheet scrap, carved with greater or less detail, and used as dress-clips by attaching; spring-clips to the back, or for other types or ornaments, handles, etc The two views of the turtle show how the relief is carved in. Although 3/16" sheet is satisfactory for most designs, the thicker the sheet used, the greater detail and "roundness" can be achieved. The scarab, center, can also be made In ranch smaller size for ring-mounting: the horse can be used In a chess-set, the elephant as a box-handle. The dragon-fly can be made as shown, or with the body consisting of clear amber beads, graduated in size and strung on a wire, and the big fly in the lower left should hare his wings mads of thin celluloid or clear plasties thinned out.

Designs For Dress ClipsOrnaments

Fig. 27. Another pare of designs for dress-clips, ornaments, etc., full-size, to be carved in more or less detail as desired, after jig-sawing.

Arved In More Or Less Detail An DesiredKey Holder

Fig. 28. Key-holder, made of two short pieces of round rod and s piece of brass wire. The wire is threaded for 1/2" at the right end. as is also the hole in the bottom rod. The curve filed in the top of the bottom rod is exaggerated in the drawing slightly, to show the locking action.